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Top 10 Must-Have Activewear and Athleisure Pieces for Spring

Check out these 10 must-have pieces to wear this spring. They're functional for workouts and cute enough to wear beyond the gym!

10 Must Have Spring Activewear looks

Check out these 10 must-have pieces to wear this spring. They're functional for workouts and cute enough to wear beyond the gym!

Chaser Vintage Jersey Everybody Lotus Tank - Stay cool during your workouts as the weather heats up by donning this sleeveless tank. And the shimmering lotus design on the front matches the flowers you’re starting to see on your daily run.

Alala Flyweight Hoodie - This flyweight hoodie sweatshirt offers a light layer that’s perfect for this season, accented by mesh designs and prominent seams that add interest. Wear this long-sleeved shirt alone or layer it over a tee or tank to stay the right temperature during your workouts. 

Chaser Peace Sign Muscle Tee - Promote peace during this happy, tranquil season with the peace sign prominently displayed across the front of this cute sleeveless muscle tee. The image of fresh greenery that makes up the peace sign matches the green that’s popping up during this season of renewal.

Alala Captain Crop Tight - The vibrant blue hue and in-between length of these capri pants perfectly match this happy season. The color, prominent seams and mesh details add style, while these fitted pants also offer movement and a hidden waist pocket for holding some personal items while you work out. 

Chaser White Leopard Jersey Muscle Tee - If your inner beast is coming alive in the gym after a stagnant winter, show your spirit with this stylish muscle tee's glorious white leopard design on the front. The sleeveless design offers comfort as the weather gets warmer and your workouts heat up.

Heroine Sport Perfect Long Sleeve Racing Top - When there’s still a chill in the air during your morning or evening workout, throw on this long-sleeved racing top. You’ll love the black mesh details on the shoulders and down the back that add style and help keep you cool when you start to sweat.

Alala All Star Vest - This cute vest is an ideal light layer over a sports bra or tank top. Zip it up, pull up the hood and use the pockets when it’s chillier, or unzip it and enjoy the sleeveless design and mesh details when you’re getting too hot.

Koral Aerate Tank Top - Show off the body you’ve been working so hard for by sporting this revealing sleeveless, see-through mesh tank top with cut-in shoulders. Too cold or feeling more modest? Simply add another tank top underneath, creating a complementary look.

Chill By Will Capri Legging - The mesh detailing on these fitted capris adds to their style while keeping you cool. These capris come in a variety of patterns to bring you a breath of fresh air after the winter doldrums. 

LNA Double Cut Tank Top - Achieve a look that’s casually sexy with this standout tank top. It hints at your fit body underneath with its double cutouts by one shoulder and the flattering fit, while showing off some extra skin with the sleeveless design.