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10 Activewear Pieces That Are Music Festival Worthy

Music festival season has arrived, and with it, plenty of opportunities to show off your quirky sense of style. The best music festival outfits highlight your unique personality, but are also comfortable enough to wear all day as you navigate huge crowds and a variety of weather conditions. All eyes will be on you when you strut your stuff in these fashionable, yet comfortable activewear pieces:


1. Sukishufu Long Leggings

Patterned leggings are no longer just for CrossFit. This pair features an eye-catching pattern and a leather-inspired waistband.

 2. Sub_Urban Riot Good Mood Tee

It's impossible to be in a bad mood when you're surrounded by the loving energy of a springtime music festival. Show off your present state of mind with this cute top.

 3. LNA Double Cut Tank Top

Simple, yet stylish, this tank top will help you make a statement without looking like you're trying too hard. For a flashier look, pair this fashionable tank with colorful, over-the-top leggings.

 4. Alexis Mera Cortelyou Jogger Pant

Looser than leggings and more refined than traditional sweatpants, these jogger pants offer the ultimate mix of style and comfort. Best of all, they are very figure-flattering -- particularly the black version with the leg-lengthening gray stripes down the sides.

 5. Chaser Vintage Journey Everybody Lotus Tank

A simple sign of divine beauty, the lotus is the perfect insignia to display on your shirt as you cheer on your favorite musicians. This is an ideal look for chill indie performances.

 6. Via Active Chelsea 3/4 Compression Leggings

Colorful and cheery, the Satellite Orchid-Blue version of Via Active's leggings is perfect for nighttime performances. Ditch the oversized purse and stow essentials in the leggings' hidden key pocket.

 7. Bird & Vine Just Breathe Short Sleeve Top

Most music festival attendees are awesome, but some can be a bit overbearing. Wear this shirt when you need to deliver a simple reminder that it's all about the experience -- and that patience is just as much a virtue on the festival circuit as it is anywhere else.

 8. Electric & Rose Sunset Legging

Versatility is an essential element of any music festival outfit. Create two distinctive looks with these full-length leggings, which can be folded down from the waist. All featured colors are striking, but the Drift Blu option will make the greatest impression.

 9. Ultracor Vector Silk Abstraction Print Vest

The weather can change quickly at music festivals, so it's nice to have a vest on hand in case you need a stylish option for cooler conditions. Match this beauty of a vest with a long-sleeve shirt or wear open with a cute sports bra or crop top.

 10. Onzie Twilight Capri Pant

Onzie's leggings are notoriously comfortable. Bring an earthy vibe to your next music festival with this attractive Twilight Tree Organic print.

Don't be afraid to experiment with colors and patterns as you prepare your dream music festival wardrobe. Most music festival attendees adopt a refreshing anything-goes approach to fashion, so feel free to express yourself with clothing items that truly reflect your personality.