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5 Great Workouts in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the workout capital of the world. If you want to try out the newest workouts in the world look no further than Los Angeles. 5 of our favorite workouts at Sweat NSK include everything from dance to yoga. These workouts are all familiar and yet new at the same time.


1. The Class by Taryn Toomey - The Class is a mix of synchronized movement, cross fit, and therapy. A morning in The Class gives you all the good feelings you get from a challenging workout that is good for your body and mind. In The Class women listen to a steady rhythmic positive narration of instruction and positive messages by one of the instructors. We love Natalie's class at 9A on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at the MNR Dance Factory in Brentwood. Locations include New York City, Venice and Brentwood in Los Angeles.


2. Body by Simone - Simone is a classically trained dancer who performed on Broadway for years before retiring from performing to become a fitness trainer. She developed her Body By Simone workout as a way to give women the ability to incorporate dance and cardio into their fitness routines. We took Simone and Sharona's classes in Brentwood and loved the way they helped us with our form. The Body by Simone workout is upbeat, fun, and sweaty. Locations include New York City, West Hollywood, and Brentwood Village in Los Angeles. 


3. Gloveworx Gloveworx was founded by Leyon Azubuike,­ a former US National Heavyweight competitor who taught private clients out of different boxing gyms around the city of Los Angeles before opening Gloveworx in Santa Monica in 2015. The gym offers private boxing lessons to teach technique as well as group boxing classes that use boxing technique mixed with cardio for overall body conditioning. This beautifully designed gym with a boxing ring in the middle of the gym is a great workout for both men and women. Gloveworx is located in Santa Monica.


4. Playlist Yoga - People have done Yoga for thousands of years, but Playlist Yoga created a modern twist to Vinyasa with their custom music mixes that are timed with Yoga moves. It is faster paced than your traditional yoga classes and will help you clear your mind while energizing you for the rest of your day. Playlist is located in West Hollywood.


5. The Studio MDR - The Studio MDR classes are pilates classes taught in the Lagree Method. Lisa Hirsch founded The Studio MDR in 2011 after she saw how significantly the method transformed her body. The classes are taught on transformers, paired with energetic pulsating music timed to the moves, and lead by instructors who are quick and precise. This is no pilates class you have ever done and will leave you in better shape than when you started. The Studio MDR locations are located in Marina Del Rey and Playa Vista.

We would love to hear from you. What new workouts have you discovered in Los Angeles? Make some comments in our comments section. Hope to see you at your next workout!