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INSIDE LOOK: Simone of Body by Simone Catches Up with Sweat NSK

We spent a few minutes chatting with Simone from Body By Simone this past week about her Body by Simone classes, nutrition, and her plans for further expansion of her brand. Read our Q&A and share your comments!



1. What advice do you give new students who are trying to learn all the dance moves in your class? 

It is honestly not about doing the moves correctly, we are not auditioning for a Broadway show or as a back up dancer for Beyonce! I just want to encourage women to leave their ego at the door and come into class, burn loads of calories and have a fun joyous time doing it. Seriously no on is looking  at you in the mirror, they are too busy looking at themselves!

2. What other workouts do you do besides your own workout? 

Sadly none. At BBS we workout alongside our clients and teach and demonstrate a full class.  I train 4-6 hours a day with one rest day. I don’t have the time or energy to do anything else. 


3. How did you decide that starting Body by Simone was the next move for you in your career? 

It was time, I had been a professional dancer for 18 years and traveled the world. I wanted some stability and i also wanted to share all my knowledge with as many women as possible. Dance is such a full body activity and it is an incredible workout. 

4. Do you have any nutritional and workout advice for someone just starting to workout? 

Its 80% diet, 20% workout. There is no point training hard and then coming home and eating a pizza. Everything in moderation. Its important to set realistic goals, make a food and exercise journal and keep yourself accountable. 


5. You just opened 2 locations in Brentwood and West Hollywood in Los Angeles. Where is your next location? 

Yes I have 3 including my original in NYC. Next up is another location in NYC and then London! Exciting times!