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5 Olympic Style Workouts That Will Keep You Fit This Summer

The summer Olympics in Rio are almost here, and with them, the opportunity to marvel at the feats of strength and endurance displayed by the world's finest athletes. If these superstars have you inspired to kick up your exercise routine a notch, consider implementing the following activities into your regimen:

 Running like in the Olympics


The oldest and most financially accessible Olympic-style workout, running is something you can start anytime and anywhere. Depending on your present level of physical fitness, you may need to start slowly with a combination of jogging and walking, before moving into full-on running. Go running at the UCLA tracks in the summer if you live in the Los Angeles area.

 swimming for exercise like in the Olympics


It may be too late for you to become the next Michael Phelps, but you can build quite a bit of lean muscle if you mimic his pool-based workouts. A wonderful all-body workout, swimming works your arms, legs, and core. Swimming is a also great option to turn to if your achy joints make running absolutely miserable. Join your local YMCA or local college pool if you do not have a pool at home.

 Rowing exercise like Olympics


You don't need to be on a college rowing team to enjoy the arm strengthening and cardiovascular benefits of rowing. Simply hit up your local gym and get on the rowing machine. Rowing will give you a nice break from your usual treadmill session, while allowing you to torch calories at a record pace. Try the Orange Theory class on San Vicente if you are in Los Angeles.

 trampoline exercises like in the Olympics


Amazing strength and technique are required for success in Olympic trampoline, but if you're merely looking to improve your fitness level, simply jumping on the trampoline will do the trick. If you have a trampoline in your backyard, that's a great place to get started. But for a real workout, you'll definitely want to visit a trampoline park, where you can take specially-designed aerobic classes or hit up a trampoline-based game of volleyball. Try the Body By Simone trampoline class if you are in Los Angeles or New York City.

 exercise by doing beach volleyball like in the Olympics

Beach Volleyball

If your goal is to be more active, you need not halt your progress whenever you visit the beach. Bring your best friends and closest family members with you and get a thrilling game of beach volleyball started. If you don't have a beach in your neighborhood, no worries -- many parks have sand courts open for public use. Try Santa Monica Beach if you are in Los Angeles.

With a little creativity and a lot of resolve, you can amp up your workout routine in time for the Olympics. Let the athleticism in Rio inspire you to take your exercise regimen to new heights.

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