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5 Things I Do Every Day - Heather Dorak founder of Platinum Pilates

5 Things I Do Every Day

Guest Blogger: Heather Dorak founder of Pilates Platinum 

We all have rituals, routines and things we like to accomplish every day. Even if you are someone who doesn’t do well with routine, I bet if you sit down and think of your day, there are some commonalities between each day. There are always things you do every day to get you through the day, or things you have been taught are what you need to do every day. Since you already have habits, maybe it is time for you to add or remove some of those daily routines. We all grow and evolve as we get older, which means some things may not serve us like they did in the past. Today I am sharing with you, five things I do every day in my life.


Positive Self Talk

I used to not speak to myself very well. I always thought I could look better and be better. This type of attitude never came out in a positive way. It was always negative. I could always find things that needed improvement with my self image. Speaking to yourself like that is never healthy and for me lead to a downward spiral. I have had to reteach myself how to respect myself and treat myself with kindness. Every morning I practice positive self talk. It has helped me overcome my negative attitude towards myself and overall a more positive outlook on the world. If you can speak to yourself more positively then you can speak to the world more positively.

Wear a Hat in the Sun

Living in Los Angeles, the sun is always out. I am not complaining - I love the LA sun, but I do not like what it can do to my skin. To protect my skin, specifically the very sensitive skin on my face - I wear a hat. I always put on an SPF too but a hat helps to add the extra layer of protection.

Break a Sweat

I set working out as a priority every day. Even if it is a rest day, I still like to make sure I sweat, whether it is from a relaxing yoga class, a walk on the beach, etc. It is important for your body to sweat at least once a day to release toxins, endorphins and stimulate energy production.

Vitamins and Energy

Every day I take vitamins and an energy boost supplement. My favorite daily vitamin, specifically designed for women’s needs, is Smarty Pants Vitamins. Their texture and flavor is almost like eating gummy candy. It is something I look forward to every day. Before a workout I like to take Eboost to help my energy levels. It gives me the boost I need without too much energy. It is natural and an enjoyable taste.

Spend Time with My Best Girl

It is important to decompress and destress from my day. Being an entrepreneur I never know what my day has in store for me. As a way to keep the stress at bay, I make sure, at the very least, to spend time with my rescue pup in the morning, to welcome the day in a calming manner and at the end of the day, to help me wind back down for the evening. Of course, any other time I can get to spend time with her, I make it a priority to do so. She is simply the best. Animals are great companions and keys to keeping our lives less stressful.