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Style Sharpie's Fashion and Healthy Living Tips

Style-Sharpie-Blogger-InterviewStyle Sharpie is a Los Angeles based blogger who has an interest in fashionable activewear. She came by the store a few weeks ago and we found out a little bit more about her interests regarding fashion and living a healthy lifestyle.

1. What prompted you to start Style Sharpie and when did you start the blog?

I started Style Sharpie as a place where I could share my love for fashion, food, culture, and new discoveries with whoever wanted to listen. I aspired to create a place where everything I loved was easily accessible. It was with my love for exploration and fashion that Style Sharpie was born!

2. Who is your target audience on Style Sharpie?

Style Sharpie readers want to stay up to date with what is going on in fashion but still be unique, want to discover new places and want to try something new.

3. What areas do you cover in fashion on Style Sharpie?

Style Sharpie is a way for me to capture and share my personal style and pieces that I genuinely love. I am a huge fan of incorporating vintage into my everyday wardrobe as I think it adds a certain level of uniqueness knowing that no one on the street will have your exact same piece. I love mixing high and low, for example, Zara and Celine, or wearing a dress with sneakers, because to me, that is what style is...being able to take pieces from a bunch of different places/collections/eras/designers and turn them into a unique outfit.

4. Who are your favorite designers?

Ah, this is a hard question for me to answer because I have so many favorite designers, but I’ll name a few. I adore Proenza Schouler’s most recent collection, and Valentino just kills it every time. Recently, I have been obsessed with both Reformation and Self Portrait. And Newbark creates some really beautiful shoes; they’re super simple, wearable, and chic.

5. What are your favorite workouts?

In terms of workouts, I enjoy going for a run outside, but I have to be in a certain mood in order to get myself motivated to do that. I usually workout harder/better when I am in a class environment or at the gym. Something about the group energy really gets me going. I have a gym membership at Equinox and will go there a few times a week. For a super great class and fun dance party, Body by Simone is the greatest.

6. Where do you like to eat healthy and what are your go to favorite foods?

Go to’s: For a healthy breakfast, my favorite go to options consist of yogurt and fruit, a smoothie, or an egg with toast- if I’m feeling fancy I’ll add some avocado on the toast. For lunch/dinner, I’ll do a green salad with either some kind of protein or a grain like quinoa or faro or maybe some kind of lean meat and veggie. I LOVE sweet potatoes, so when they are in the mix, I’m a super happy girl.

Restaurants: I love Kreation for smoothies and healthy meals, as well as Beaming. My friend introduced me to their Mint Chip smoothie and it’s the best. I frequent Café Midi and Sweetgreen…there are so many different salad options, so I never get bored. I am a huge fan of sushi- Hamasaku, Sugarfish, Yu n Mi, Nobu, and Sushi Park are a few of my favorites. And then, truffle fries from the Beverly Hills Hotel… obviously super unhealthy, but they’ll make you happy and they’re the perfect splurge, and I think a splurge is sometimes healthy and very necessary. It’s all about balance. Drink your green juice and eat your fries.

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