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How Models Stays Healthy and Fit - Q&A with Ashley Graves

Sub_Urban Riot Kale Tee ShirtWe caught up with model Ashley Graves on one of our photoshoots to do a quick Q&A on how she stays healthy and fit while traveling constantly for work.

What do you do for exercise to stay healthy and fit?

I love to dance. I was a dancer and a cheerleader from the age of 7 to 18, so it's a really big passion of mine. whether it be dancing for an hour while getting ready, going to a concert with friends, or taking a hip hop or Zumba class, I always find a way to dance and sweat something serious! for quick and easy exercises, I love the treadmille, bike, and free weights at the gym. I also love a good occasional spin or hot yoga class with my girlfriends.

What are your go to healthy meals?

I love pasta and rice so so much, which are straight carbs. so I find myself replacing them with easy to make quinoa! to add a little something, I usually add some sautéed veggies and a light curry sauce I get at whole foods. so yummy and fast! for a sweet treat, I love my low fat Greek yogurt with granola, chia and flax seeds, and some frozen blueberries on top. small portions are key too!

Do you do anything different with your workouts before a photoshoot?

Since I'm constantly shooting, I pretty much keep my regimen up all the time. but before really big shoots, or shoots where I know I'll be in lingerie or a bikini, I'll sometimes do two or even three a day workouts. they don't need to be long, but being active for a large period of the day gets my body looking toned quick. I'll usually add more sets or more reps to my normal workouts too.

When traveling for modeling assignments do you travel with special meals? 

I try not to take too much with me when I fly because it always ends up becoming a hassle. so ideally bringing healthy meals would be great, but it's not realistic. I just make sure I'm choosing healthy options from room service or the hotel restaurants. if they provide food on a photoshoot set, I choose the best option available.

Do you have a special healthy recipe you would like to share with our readers?

I really really love pasta. Some of you may already know about zucchini pasta (because it is so good and fun to make) but it's one of my favorites! all it takes is about 4-6 zucchinis cut into thin strips, drop them into boiling water for only a minute, then rinse in cold water. heat olive oil and garlic in a skillet, then pour the zucchini noodles into the pan and stir until tender for about 5 minutes or so. sprinkle a light dash of salt and Parmesan cheese over, and there you go! so easy and you get the satisfaction of eating "noodles".

What is your favorite type of exercise and why?

I really enjoy activities that you don't realize are exercise. whether it be biking on the boardwalk with friends, going on a hike, dancing with your girlfriends making dinner in your house: you name it, if it's unknowingly active, i like it. exercise hasn't ever been my "thing", like it is for some people. so if I'm distracted while getting a good workout, I'm all about it.


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