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Health and Fitness Advice from Studio K trainer Jennifer Green


We caught up with Studio K trainer and partner Jennifer Green in the Los Angeles area of Pacific Palisades one afternoon to get some health and fitness advice. She shared how she started her fitness studio and some basic workouts everyone can do daily to stay fit.

1. How did you decide to start an exercise studio?

My husband Bryan owns a commercial Fitness Design/distribution Firm ( and for 4 years my formal dining room was a home gym after we got married and had children. He always wanted his ownstudio or private training laboratory that he could use personally and showcase his design strategies in A commercial fitness setting. My personal background has always been in group exercise and wellness. 

2. When was the first time your started to workout and why?

As a child I grew up as an athlete playing four sports. In college is when I actually started to work out other than play my sport and that is when group exercise and strength training became my passion.

3. What are basic workouts everyone can do daily to stay in shape from home or while traveling?

Walking, Hiking, yoga, and various Bodyweight exercises that use compound exercises to work your total body. I.e. Push ups, planks, squats, lunges.

4. Do you have any healthy eating tips?

My plan is moderation, eat what is grown from a tree or the earth- not a box/package, read articles on healthy cooking to inspire you. We are all busy, so planing is key so you have the right ingredients to prepare healthy food.

5. Do you have a favorite healthy recipe you can share with us?

I love quinoa Taboulie. It counts as a complete protein and you can still add chicken or salmon to it. Add your choice of any veggies and white or garbanzo beans and Fetta cheese. Tossed with olive oil, fresh lemon juice, chopped parsley & basil, salt and pepper to taste

6. What do you do for exercise daily?

I teach several classes per day at our studio from Kinesis intervals, Bodyweight training, aerial silk work but when I am not at my studio I love to ride horses, hike, dance, and take Gyrotonics.

7. Any tips for people who do not like to workout.

Move your body in ANY way that gets your heart rate up. The body needs exercise to keep your joints healthy, your muscles strong to support your skeleton for posture, and protect you from early aging and osteoporosis. A power walk anywhere or dancing with friends/partner or mall walking and window shopping are great options; even a day at the zoo for people who don't want to work out. Working out doesn't need to be a chore it just needs to be fun and something that makes you smile feel good and get your body moving in all three planes of motion. #train4life