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How to Buy Activewear for Your Body Type


Having lots of stylish activewear to choose from can be a great way to stay motivated to be active and hit the gym. On top of that, the right activewear will also keep you comfortable as you perform your workouts. Unfortunately, shopping for the most flattering activewer based on your unique body shape isn't always easy. That's why we've put together this easy-to-follow activewear buying guide for some of the most common body shapes among women. Hopefully these tips will help you the next time you decide to treat yourself to some new activewear!


If you were blessed with an hourglass figure, then you might be looking for activewear that'll help up play up your best features, such as your curves. With an hourglass figure, the good news is that you can't go wrong with a solid, full-length pair of leggings or running pants. On warmer days, a shorter capri-length legging will also be flattering on this body type. On top, a ribbed cami will provide support while also smoothing out your hourglass shape for a great look.


If your body is more rectangle-shaped, this means that you have a slim figure without many natural curves. On the bright side, you can easily add the appearance of curves to your body by choosing the right activewear. For example, you can enjoy a curvier bottom half by wearing  patterned leggings, which will add interest and dimension. Similarly, on top, a patterned sports bra or even a spots bra that offers a little bit of extra support could be a great option. A form-fitting V-neck tee can also help you look your best.


For those who carry the majority of their weight towards the bottom of the body, shopping for flattering activewear can sometimes seem like a challenge. However, the key to success here is to choose flared or loose-fitting pants, such as yoga pants or baggier yet stylish sweatpants, to balance out and lengthen your body. Furthermore, wearing brighter colors on the top half of your body (such as bright sports bras and tank tops) can help to draw attention away from the bottom half of your body. If bright colors aren't your thing, a patterned tanktop or a top with an eye-catching phrase or figure on it works just as well.


If you're apple-shaped, you may carry a little bit of extra weight both on top and bottom. Fortunately, with the right activewear, you can achieve a slimming appearance while you slim down at the gym! A pair of patterned or solid sweat pants with a drawstring will be both comfortable and flattering, while a looser fitting mesh tee will provide breathability while help you look your best.

As you can see, there's a lot to keep in mind while you shop for activewear. By following these tips, you can be sure to look your best while you get your fitness on, regardless of your specific body type.