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Workout and Fitness Tips for New Moms from Boston Training Team JFIT360

1.) When did you decide fitness was important to you for your own life?

I started my love affair with fitness back in high school when I was bitten by the running bug after joining my school's track team.  My parents had just gotten divorced, I had to move and change schools, my grandma passed away after a painful battle with cancer - it was a tough time for me and running was a non-chaotic chill space where I could get into this calming zone and help melt those stressors away.  In addition to my team's practices and track meets, I would regularly take to the pavement and run for miles and miles, it was my sanctuary.  I continued to run run run and in my 20s started to incorporate other forms of exercise into my life -(bootcamp classes, spin classes, yoga), and I became hooked on anything and everything that made me sweat! 

2.) Did you start by approaching a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise or did you start with one area first?  

I definitely started with exercise. I try not to "diet" but rather to enjoy delicious foods that I love (I definitely consume my fair share of the "forbidden" foods like fried chicken and ice cream), but on the whole I try to make healthy eating choices 80% of the time, and my 20% of garbage food is somewhat balanced out by my active lifestyle.  I believe in balance.  Sure you can have a goal of fitting into a certain sized wedding dress and go on a very strict pseudo starvation diet for two months but this strategy for most is not sustainable (or very fun) as a lifestyle.  

3.) Since you live on the east coast and have challenges with weather - how do you stay active year round?

 In the winter months; and it's a LONG winter, ps I'm planning on moving to Cali in the not so distant future! I go to a lot of hot yoga classes (the fiery temps make me feel like I'm in Cali), do circuit workouts at the gym and also take group classes, and some days I just suck it up and put on two pairs of pants, three layers of shirts, the thickest socks I can find and head outside in the freezing cold and go for a run…your body warms up pretty quickly once you get moving and winter running gear has come a long way.  I am not a fan of the cold AT ALL, so this is tough for me, but I do it.  

4.) When did you decide to start your company? 

At the age of 30, after being in the corporate world for a while, made the decision alongside my brother to become a full time fitness professional and work towards my personal training certification.  Together we co-founded JFit 360°, a boutique in-home personal training company.

5.) Do you create different programs for different clients and what types of programs do you offer? 

Clients' programs are based on their individual fitness levels, also on any injuries or conditions they may have.  We have pregnant clients, married clients who workout together, mothers and daughters that work out together, we have a wide age range of clients…ranging from 9 years old to 62 years old (and everything in between).  We have clients with osteoporosis, clients who have had knee surgery, shoulder surgery, arthritis,…you get the drift, we customize based on each client's scenario and help give them the tools to reach their goals (while providing a friendly, supportive and encouraging environment for all of our clients).

 6.) How did you get back into post baby shape so quickly? Any advice for new moms who want to get back into shape and are busy with work and family demands?

I gained 44 lbs during my pregnancy, and I exercised and ate as I normally do throughout my entire pregnancy.  When you exercise throughout your pregnancy you keep your muscles strong so that after pregnancy those muscles are still there and haven't all turned to mush. I chronicled my experience with exercising during my pregnancy on our blog.

I am nine months post partum and have lost the 43lbs (plus another 5lbs).  I did not breastfeed (which burns calories).  I worked very hard at it and it was gradual and I was impatient at times. I started back at two 1/2 weeks post partum with yoga and then on week three introduced running (a slow low mileage run), and I got right back at it.  I ran a lot with my son in the jogging stroller as well.  Always check with your doctor prior to starting back exercising, the standard is 5-6 weeks for vaginal delivery, I was able to start back earlier due to my fitness level and not having any complications with delivery.  I cut out bread, rice, and pasta for eight weeks postpartum.  As I mentioned I hate "dieting" but I knew it needed to be done to help lose the pregnancy weight. 

My advice for new moms wanting to lose weight but seem to have no time due to family and work (life demands), are

a.) You and your spouse must work together and make time where each of you can go off and have solo time, i.e. hubby watches baby while you go workout one day, and then you trade off and you take care of the little one while hubby goes to workout.  Your health and wellbeing is the most important gift you can give to your family, you want to live a very long time to be there for your child and spouse.

b.) Find a gym that offers babysitting so you can take your baby AND workout, or get a babysitter to come to your home. 

c.) Keep your eye on the prize, set goals in increments and when you want to reach them by.  I used My Fitness Pal to track my progress, it's a wonderful app that serves as a food diary and exercise tracker to keep you on target with your weight loss goals.

d.) Don't be impatient and hard on yourself…remember it took you nine months to gain this weight, give yourself at least nine months to take it off.

7.) Do you have a go to easy recipe you would like to share with us for a simple quick healthy dinner? I love love love a great spaghetti squash dish! Here is one from our blog with a bolognese sauce made with ground turkey meat. It's to die for.  

To train with Jen's Boston personal training team JFit360, go to to learn more about them.