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Workout Ideas For A Busy Schedule

We work with lots of professionals in our business who have busy schedules and have to find time to stay fit and healthy. Our photographers for our website, Hana and Jen from Tiger Tiger Studio are two busy professionals who often have to juggle their busy lives and find time to workout. We caught up with them during the holidays to find out what tips they had for our readers:

1. How do you stay fit with your busy schedules? 

 J: It's not easy, but it's something I know I need even just mentally so i force myself to make time for it. It's the one thing I can do take care of myself.

 H: Whenever I can fit it in a quick game of tennis with my husband. We both have home offices so sometimes we'll break for lunch and go play. I love it because it's a fast, fun, full body work-out.

2. Do you have a favorite healthy go to meal you like to eat while shooting? 

 J: I love the chipotle collard wraps by Margeaux and Linda's Vegan Kitchen. They are delicious and easy to eat on the utensils necessary and so healthy.  

H: My favorite healthy meal on a shoot is usually a BIG Chicken or Ahi Tuna Salad of some sort. Fresh and light but substantial enough to give me good energy. If I eat anything heavy it backfires and I get tired. I definitely paid for that Tuna Melt I ate on our last shoot :/

3. When you travel for work what are your favorite healthy travel meals & exercises? 

 J: I always keep KIND bars on me especially when traveling, they help keep my hands out of the chip bags. When we are traveling for work there isn't much time to squeeze in a workout but i don't sweat it since i know i'm burning plenty of calories carrying all my equipment and running around to get the shot. 

H: Yes, what she said!

4. What's your favorite daily exercise? 

J:I'm a class junkie. They help me stay motivated when working out in a group and I like that I get strength training and cardio all within 1 hour. 

H: Probably squats and sit-ups. I use an exercise ball as my "work chair" so I've made it a new goal to do sit-ups in between editing projects or when I'm waiting for something to download. 

5. Do you have a healthy recipe to share with us? 

J: I love simple recipes.  Shredded lacinato kale, lemon juice, olive oil, parmesean cheese, topped with some maldon salt. It's easy and always tastes so yummy. 

H: Right now my go-to lunch recipe is a beat salad with arugula, heirloom tomatoes, blue cheese crumbles and lentils.