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Vie Active Founder's Fitness Tips for 2016

 Vie Active Founder Noa


Vie Active's Noa Ries lives an active busy life as co-founder of the activewear brand Vie Active. We caught up with her to find out a little bit about her daily fitness routine and how she balances family, work and life.

How did you first become interested in working out?

I've always been passionate about health and fitness but it wasn't until my father died very suddenly about 9 years ago that exercise really became like therapy for me. Today, I work out mostly for sanity rather than vanity. I feel like I am able to do, be and give so much more when I am fit and healthy. 

What are your favorite types of workouts?

These days I really listen to my body and adjust my workouts accordingly. I like to mix it up. Some days I might do something fairly intense like boxing or a HIIT workout and otherdays its more about fun so I do a dance cardio workout. On the days I need to sculpt my lady bits a little more I'll do a megaformer pilates workout!

Vie Active Taryn Colorblock Leggings

Can you tell us why you transitioned from what you did for work previously to activewear designer and what you love most about what you do?

As a personal trainer and a mother of a young child, I found I was spending my life in activewear and would often find myself still dressed in my activewear at the end of the day and feeling rather drab. Having worked previously in advertising, I really missed the fashionable element of getting dressed and ready to go to work. I grew really frustrated at the  fact that activewear was either really fashionable or really functional but never both. Everything about our brand from our range of clothes embodies the fusion of performance and style. We want to enable women to feel as good at the end of the day as they did at the start of the day because who has time for 5 outfit changes a day! Ultimately though, we want to inspire and empower women to live a healthy and an active life and enable them to look as good on the outside as they feel on the inside.  

How do you juggle working out, eating right, having a family and work? What is something you must do daily to keep yourself healthy and fit?

I have a saying which I live by. As women today, it's essential that we "put our oxygen mask on first". In order to be able to do more, give more and be more we have to make our own health and fitness a non-negotiable investment in our wellbeing. 

With a toddler, a four year old and a startup business, I’ve somehow learnt to function on not too much sleep. I try to get up and exercise in the morning about 4 days a week so that its done and I find that really helps to give me the energy for the day. I race home after my workout and then get my toddler out the door and off to daycare while my little one is having a nap. When I get back its game on and I am generally working at about a million miles an hour during the day, squeezing in marketing, production sales meetings etc so that I can finish up around 5pm and be with my kids for a couple hours before they go to sleep.  When both the girls are in bed for the night, I then start working again for a couple hours before I go to bed. 

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Can you share a favorite workout you like to do when you are traveling?

If I'm pressed of time, I will do a quick HIIT workout - you really don't need to workout for hours if you are working out with intensity.  

I'll do 3 sets, 50 seconds on 10 seconds off of each of the following exercises:

  • burpees
  • pushups
  • squats
  • lunge jumps
  • dips

Do you have a favorite healthy recipe you can share with our readers?

I’m obsessed with green smoothies. It’s the best way to get a hit of greens and superfood nutrients in and I find it really sets me up for the day. Generally I will do some variation of:

Kale, avocado, frozen banana, vegan protein powder, probiotics, supergreen powder and almond milk.

(Noa is seen here wearing her Vie Active Pixel leggings, Vie Active Taryn Colorblock leggings, Vie Active Gabrielle Sports Bra)