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Boston Pilates Instructor Shares Healthy Recipes and Exercises for the New Year - JJ Fritz


1)  How did you decide to become a pilates instructor?

I was luckily introduced to Pilates at a young age because my mother and older sisters were very into it.  In fact, I grew up with a small pilates studio in our home.  I learned to love it, and as an athletic girl in general, I began to learn how much stronger, faster, better I was when I was practicing more pilates. I played around with a few other lifestyle careers, but being able to talk, help and shape people’s lives definitely was the best fit or me!

2)  When was the first time your started to workout and why?

I was a young teenager when I really began to workout.  When I was 14, I joined my high school cross country and track team and never stopped!

3)  What are basic workouts everyone can do daily to stay in shape from home or while traveling?

My go to 'easy anywhere' workouts are reverse lunges (with lots of pulsing), planks, and bridging for glute and back strength.  While traveling- I think STRETCHING is the key to keep your body healthy.

4)  Do you have any healthy eating tips for people who want to start eating better in the New Year?

I find January is a good time to ease into a healthier lifestyle.  Sometimes I think the drastic 'cleansing' right after a few months of constant indulgence is incredibly difficult and sometimes not the healthiest way to go about it.  My top tips for moving into a healthier diet and lifestyle are: be more conscious about the quality of fish and meat you eat (only grass fed/ pasture raised/ or wild), adding more water into your day, and eating more FAT!  Eating more fat may seem counter intuitive, but when you eat more delicious healthy fats, it will curb hunger, help your skin, and is beneficial for digestion. 


5) Do you have a favorite healthy recipe you can share with us?
One of my favorite meals to cook that is quick and easy are my 'healthy meatballs.'  It is a great protein for lunch or dinner.  They are very simple AND gluten free!


- 1 package of pasture raised ground turkey, beef, or chicken

- 1 clove of minced garlic

- 1 cup (or eye ball it for equal parts meat to almond meal) natural almond flour/meal

- 1 Egg

- Salt and Pepper to your taste

- Add any herbs or spices you like to taste!

Heat oven to 375 degrees. Form your mix into whatever sized balls you would like.  I like to bake with coconut oil or ghee.  Bake for 10/15 minutes depending on the type of meat and tenderness you would like.  I love to top this with some delicious tomato sauce or on their own!

6) Do you have a favorite cookbook that you like to use?

My favorite cook book is Candace Kumai's 'Clean Green Eats' book.  She does an amazing job of creating yummy recipes so you don't feel like you are ONLY eating steamed veggies. She is also a fellow California Girl :)


7) Who are your favorite activewear designers?
I love Nesh. Their leggings are super cute, chic, and comfortable!


8) Tell us a little about the pilates studio where you work.

Boston Body Pilates is a staple here in Boston, with 3 locations.  I work right in the Back Bay and we have two location in nearby suburbs. The studio has been around for almost 27 years here in Boston.  Zayna, the Founder/ Owner still teaches and runs workshops and trainings constantly throughout the year.  It is super fun to work at such a busy studio where I can continue learning and meeting other men and woman who are beginning their journey in pilates!