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One Model's Favorite Workouts and Recipes To Help Her Stay in Shape


As part of our professional fitness series, we often interview people we work with to find out how they stay fit and healthy in their busy careers. We caught up with Brea who was a model on our last photoshoot to find out about her favorite workouts and healthy meals that help her stay in shape for her job. 

1.) What do you do for exercise to stay fit?

To stay fit I like to do a variety of exercises. In a week, I will do 1-2 days of Power Yoga at Yogaworks, one day of strength/cardio training with my trainer Anthony Ferkel, and on the days between a 30-60 minute run walk in my neighborhood, or a 30-45 min lap swim.

2.) What are your go to healthy meals?

I love making big salads with fresh ingredients. My favorite is a chopped arugula lettuce with tons of veggies and crumbled tempeh for protein. Being a vegetarian, it is important to get protein in or else it will leave you feeling hungry. Also, I try to have half my plate filled with veggies in every meal.

3.) Do you do anything different with your workouts before a photoshoot?

Before a photoshoot I will try to do a strength training a few days in advance. Then, do light cardio, like a brisk walk for an hour the day before a shoot.


4.) When traveling for modeling assignments do you travel with special meals? 

When traveling I like to bring raw walnuts to munch on in between meals. Keeps my appetite and brain happy.

5.) Do you have a special healthy recipe you would like to share with our readers?

One of my favorite snacks (especially when my sweet tooth is calling) is a protein smoothie.

One Scoop chocolate or vanilla Raw Protein powder from Whole Foods (this is a bean and rice protein mix, not whey) ,

1 banana

A scoop of Trader Joes coconut chocolate or strawberry ice cream

A handful of ice cubes

A cup of almond milk (varies depending on the consistency you prefer)

Sometimes I will add a tablespoon of almond butter and dark chocolate

Put all into blender and that is it. Protein and sweet tooth fulfilled.


6.) What is your favorite type of exercise and why?

My favorite type of exercise is yoga and swimming. Both are easy on the body, but effective with results.

(Brea is seen here wearing the Ultracor Camo Vest, the Zoe Karssen tank top, and the Alala Dolman Spacedye Hoodie.