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Dance Moves You Can Add To Your Fitness Regime

Natalie White of Body By Simone gave Sweat NSK a few dance fitness tips to share with our audience recently. Dance is a great way to mix up your weekly workout regime. Whether you like yoga, running, cross fit. barre or other exercises, dance is a fun exercise to mix into your routine.

Natalie White:

Ever since I was 4 years old, I started taking dance lessons, mainly ballet and jazz. I was only 4 years old but dance instilled some of the best lessons in me for the next 25 years of my life. 

Ballet taught me how to stand with great posture and create a resistance with every movement that I encounter. 

Jazz taught me to be dynamic. Sharp, soft, strong and gentle. 

I love that I can now apply dance to my love of fitness. 

Here are some exercises combining dance moves that you can have fun with!

In 1st position


Make sure to keep your knees over your toes and a neutral spine and pelvis


In 2nd position 


Use your inner thighs to keep your knees back 

Retires with abdominal crunch


Keeping foot attached to knee, fold over from the waist pulling abdominals in. 


Arabesque leg raises


Working the glutes and hamstrings, keep leg straight and pulse it up. 8-10 reps. 3 sets. 

Fame abs


Reach through your legs as you get into your crunch position. Working the upper and lower abdominals.


Natalie is seen here wearing the Lanston mesh combo leggings here.