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Essential Summer Travel Packing List from Sweat NSK

When traveling during the summer it is important to take the heat and your comfort level into consideration when packing. We have put together a list of must pack summer travel options to help you out.

Sweat NSK Travel packing list

 (Top from N.Philanthropy, yellow bag from De Vesi, sweatpants from Nesh, espadrilles from South Parade.) 

  • Comfortable shoes that come with extra cushion is great for travel because they allow you to move freely while touring. A slip on shoe or sandal is great for the airport because they can get you through the security lines quickly. Sneakers are practical, comfortable, and can come in handy if you decide you want to workout during your trip.


  • Stretchy Leggings are perfect for travel because they are the most comfortable pants you can wear on a plane. With leggings you don’t have to worry about the hassle of taking off any belts while going through security and you can simply walk through the metal detectors without setting off any of the alarms.

Summer Travel essentials from Sweat NSK

 (Jacket by LNA, tee by Sukishufu, more leggings available here.)

  • Zip-Up-Jackets work well for travel because you can avoid messing up your hair when taking your jacket on and off on the plane as the temperature changes in the cabin. A zip up jacket is easy to just unzip and tie around your waist when you are on the go.


  • Swell water bottles are perfect for travel because you can use them over and over again which saves money and the environment. The Swell water bottle allows for your liquids to stay cold or hot for hours and have fashionable patterns that can match your travel attire. (Swell water bottles available for order. Email us at to order or call us at (310) 476-4636.)

 Travel Essentials from Sweat NSK

  • Sports Bras are convenient when traveling because they are made of stretchy material. You won’t have to worry about tightness or straps during your flight when wearing a sports bra. Sports bras can be worn with a tee shirt and leggings for a comfortable touring outfit while traveling on vacation. You can also use your sports bras to workout on vacation outdoors or in the hotel gym.

Travel must haves from  Sweat NSK

(Pineapple top from Chaser, lemon leggings from Ultracor.)