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Holiday Workout Tips from Fitness Trainer Nicole Humphries of Body By Simone

The holidays are just around the corner, and we all know what that means- family, friends, and lots of food! It can also mean a lot of traveling, as we enjoy the winter break. As a trainer for Body by Simone,  one of the most common questions I receive is “how can I keep my workout going when I’m out of town?”  Well I’m going to share five tips to keep you in top shape while you’re away from your favorite fitness studio.
Nicole Humphries Body by Simone Fitness Tips
Tip #1
A quick and easy way to keep your arms toned and sexy when you don’t have any equipment is to grab a simple hand towel. If you keep the towel nice and taut, you can do very simple (yet effective) arm exercises. 
For example- hold your towel taut in front of you at chest height, bend your arms 90 degrees and then straighten them. This exercise will work your biceps, triceps and the front of your shoulders simultaneously. Repeat for three sets of ten repetitions. 
Another great way to hit the triceps is to put the towel behind your back, lean your chest forward, making sure to keep your shoulders down, and keeping the towel nice and taut, slowly raise and lower your arms.
Nicole Humphries Holiday Workout Tips
Tip #2
Your body is a very effective piece of equipment!! Push ups and tricep dips use your own body weight to work your chest, and triceps. Squats and single leg lunges will give your rear the boost it needs. And, the simple act of holding a plank position will work your entire body.
Nicole Humphries Holiday Workout Tips from Body By Simone
Tip # 3
Use your location to keep you motivated to workout. If your vacation takes you someplace tropical, take a long walk and enjoy the sunshine, or go for a swim. If fun in the snow is for you, skiing, snow boarding will keep that heart rate up. 
Body By Simone Nicole Humphries Holiday Workouts
Tip #4
The internet is a great tool to get in a quick workout . There are a plethora of videos out there on sites like Pop Sugar and You Tube. And of course there is BBS TV.
Nicole Humphries Holiday Workouts
Tip #5
My biggest tip for staying on track while you travel is: Stop worrying about it!!! ENJOY YOURSELF!!! Take the time to be present and have fun with your family and friends this holiday season!! Your favorite workout will still be there when you return.  Happy Holidays.