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Journey To Fall In Love with Fitness

Guest Blogger Karla Jordan is a model, actress, and fitness enthusiast who tells us how she fell in love with fitness.


My love for fashion began as a little girl unlike my love for fitness. I’ve danced my entire life and always thought that that was a good enough workout. It wasn’t until I met my now husband (owner and founder of that I learned how badly out of shape I had been for so many years. He taught me the importance of treating mind, body and spirit as one (I used to function on mind and spirit only). Everything from eating clean, fresh food to learning the basics of movement and the way our body is designed to move. Making Warriors is designed to teach you first how to use your body. Proper movement is the most important aspect of physical fitness. Without proper movement we cannot sustain a healthy level of physical fitness. And the crazy part is that this program is effective and efficient training only 2-4 days a week for 30-40 minutes.


What had me hooked right away was the incorporation of strength training, gymnastics, interval training, metabolic conditioning, free running and good old play. Blending these various techniques led me to a well balanced body that is strong, agile, and ready for any activity I do. Weather I play sports, yoga, dance, parkour, hike, etc. 


I’m proud to say that two years later I feel better than ever and fitness is now a part of my life and a part of me. This being said, my greatest motivation has been the discovery of athleisure. Looking and feeling great while working out is a big plus for me. Fashion and Fitness in ONE! With so many brands, designers and companies providing everything we need it can be a little overwhelming having too many options. Main reason why I immediately fell in love with SWEAT NSK. One-stop-shop for all the best designs out there that keep me comfortable and ready for anything that life may bring my way! 


Karla Jordan is seen wearing our Vie Active palm print leggings, HPE snake print leggings, and the N.Philanthropy striped sweatshirt in these photos.