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Sweat NSK Looks as seen on the KTLA Morning News

Sweat NSK featured curated fitness looks for 5 workouts with the KTLA Morning News August 23, 2016

Trainers from Body By Simone helped model the different outfits.

Pieces featured in the segment include Natalie Fritz'sĀ Ultracor honeycomb jacket, Nicole's Nesh leggings, Natalie's Ultracor grate print leggings, Susana's Sukishufu Rio gold leggings and YogaRX top, Jillian's Lanston shorts and Ultracor star vest, and Katie's Alala tank top and Varley snake print leggings (available in store).

Shop online or call us at 310 476 4636 for additional details. See segment here.

Sweat NSK on KTLA Morning News

Sweat NSK on KTLA Morning News