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Three No Equipment Exercises that Pack a Powerful Punch

As a trainer, I often get asked what some of my go to exercises are.  Here is a short list of some of my favorites, all of which require zero equipment and can be done at home, outdoors, at the gym, ANYWHERE, your body is the only thing needed.

 1) Dolphin Push Up

How to do it:

Come to all fours place your forearms on the floor and interlace your fingers. Press your outer hands and forearms firmly into the ground (a mat is suggested for some gentle padding under your forearms), press up into a downward dog with the lower body. Keep your abs engaged and belly button lifted in and up as you roll out to a forearm plank (with the hands as they are), shifting forward until you tap your chin in front of your fists. Press back to your original starting position of forearm down dog (dolphin pose).

12-15 reps x 3 sets

Muscles worked: Core, upper back, shoulders (all while getting a nice hamstring stretch)


2) Forearm Side Plank with Kick and Reach

How to do it:

Begin in a forearm side plank (you can also do this one in a traditional plank up on your palm), bring your top arm alongside your head, extending over your head, with the palm facing down. Energetically reaching and activating through your arm and hand. Keep your hips pressing up and do not let them sag. Your core will be fired up.  Now bring your top leg and your hand towards one another until they connect. Then return both to their starting positions. 

12-15 reps x 3  (per side)

Muscles worked: Core with an emphasis on obliques, shoulders, quads, and glute medius. (AKA this is a full body exercise!)


  3) Static Pistol Squat Hold

How to do it:

Come down to the ground with both feet facing forward, lift one leg and grab for that foot with both hands.  Now begin to straighten the leg out to its’ fullest extent, dorsiflex the foot (bend your ankle so that your toes point towards you). 

Hold for 30-60 seconds on each leg x 3 sets.

To do a full pistol squat, you would go up and down on the one leg with the other leg extending out in front of you.  This is very advanced.  The pistol squat static hold pictured here is a great way to progress and work on building up the massive lower body strength required to perform a full pistol squat, along with the necessary balance component.

Muscles worked: hips, hamstrings, quadriceps, glute maximus and calves.  By grabbing onto the foot for also get a nice stretch in your shoulders and back.


 Author: Jen Dehestani

Certified Personal Trainer and Co-founder of JFit 360, a Boston-based boutique in- home personal training company