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Boston Globe - Sporty Meets Chic in Latest Retailer Trend

Boston Globe Activewear Trends


"Workout togs are not created equal. Some stretch and smooth perfectly, making you look a size smaller and far less jiggly than nature made you. Others bind and bulge. And performance is not always based on price, as unsuspecting Lululemon buyers learned in 2013 when their backsides were clearly visible through their expensive yoga pants.
With more women wearing so-called athleisurewear to the supermarket, weekend soccer games, and of course to the mall, it seems every retailer is jumping into the capri-pants-and-sports-bra biz. As you can imagine, price points and designs vary widely.
On the higher end are the sleek offerings from sweatNSK, based in the tony Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles. The new boutique (offerings available online at curates “luxury activewear” from labels like HPE, Chill by Will, and GarbeLuxe, ensuring you’ll look sporty and very chic at the gym — or wherever your workoutwear takes you."